After-Sales Technical Support

We realize our production and supply in line with the technical infrastructure and customer needs. At this point, our most important principle as Pipak Machine & Packaging is customer satisfaction and its continuity.
In this context, any kind of technical support and guarantee that we will provide after sales is the most important issue.

Packaging consultancy

We serve with more than 10 years of experience in the supply of the most suitable packaging materials for our machines that we specially designed and produced. With our sectoral experience in the process, we do the necessary consultancy work to prevent cost and time loss of our customers. In this context, we provide the supply of all other plastic and paper packaging materials (injection, mold, label etc.) as well as thermoform products.

Operational Power

By considering the product and time factors defined in the agreements we have made with our customers, we guarantee fast and safe delivery to many points in both domestic and global.
Our expert planning and logistics team works for the sustainability and development of our operational power.